Germs on Keyboards

Alvin Johnson

Managing Director, Sales and Marketing

Lisa Duffney

Managing Director, Operations

About clean my keyboard

We all know by now that respiratory droplets from coughs and sneezes are the main way that illnesses like colds and flues spread from one person to another.

The Keyboard-Kleaner offers a way to break the chain of cross-contamination by removing dirt and germs from computer keyboards with disposable items, thus allowing you to toss the dirt and germs into the garbage basket. Here is our new Keyboard-Kleaner product.

Hi, my name is Alvin. Our company Keyboard-Kleaner invites you to help reduce the spread of unwanted dirt and germs from one person to another by way of unclean computer keyboards.

After years of being in the computer programming and analysis field, and constantly sharing computer keyboards, I realized computer keyboards are one of the main ways flus and viruses spread across the workplace. For over 10 years I marketed a computer cleaning kit to the public with limited success. Now the covid-19 pandemic comes along and makes all of my computer hygeine and keyboard cleaning logic relavant.

I think it is time we all took extra measures to stop speading dirt and germs in the workplace. This can be achieved if we all share the same vision around making the workplace a safe space to be in.

Hi, my name is Lisa. As a longtime office worker and administation specialist, I have worked in many different call center enviroments. The one common fact in all the places I have ever worked at is that they seldom clean and sanitize their keyboards. Many employees share computer workstations in these environments.

Call center germs

I often noticed how all individuals in the call center are exposed to least one form of bacteria when they work on shared computer keyboards. From what I have read over the years, these germs include E.Coli, Staph, Aurous, Bacillus Ceres and even fecal matter. That just goes to prove that just because we cannot see these germs with the naked eye, it does not mean that they are not there.

The Product

Our company Keyboard-Kleaner manufactures a do-it-yourself cleaning kit that will help reduce the spread of unwanted germs from one person to another by way of shared computer keyboards. We market this product under the “Clean my keyboard” campaign. It was proven that cleaning and sanitizing a computer keyboard’s exterior shell with a disposable product will break the chain of infection. 

The Concept

The dirt and germs adhere to the various detailing swabs and wipes in the Keyboard- Kleaner kit and then both are disposed of into the garbage container. In order to break the chain of infection, a computer cleaning product must consist of disposable items. The Keyboard-Kleaner product is a one-time use, disposable product.

The various swabs and wipes in the Keyboard-Kleaner will remove germs from coughs and sneezes on a surface like a computer keyboard.

Safe Solution

Schools, corporations, and various other organizations use the Keyboard-Kleaner product as a regular cleaning regime. Take extra measures. Make the Keyboard-Kleaner a part of your regular workplace hygiene routine.