Keyboard-Kleaner (1 single unit)


Today you must take extra measures to reduce dirt and germs. Be sure to clean and sanitize your computer keyboard. Buy the Keyboard-Kleaner now.

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Safe for home, school and office. Desktop, laptop, cell phone or tablet cleaning.

One-time use, disposable product.  Environmentally friendly. Throw all used items in a regular trash bin after use.

Non-toxic, germicidal and scent free. Cleans and polishes keyboard & mouse.

All cleaning swabs are cotton or foam tipped. Paper handles are biodegradable.

Effective – 80% Isopropyl alcohol / 20% water spray cleaner. Germicidal properties.

Goat hair brush, card reader clean-card & lint-free cloths will remove dirt and grime from the exterior of  keyboard and mouse.


Additional information

Weight 28 g
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 0.50 in

One time use


No harmful chemicals


Isopropyl Alcohol 80%

Canada & USA only

Product is sold in Canada and the United States only.

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Canada and USA

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